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Pssst! Here’s the most powerful podcast promotion tool and you can start using it right now, and for free: the RadioPublic podcast embed player.

Why is a web player such an important marketing tool?


73% of people who listen to podcasts discover new shows via the web.

Increased engagement

People who click play stick around on your website longer.

Free marketing

Publishers and reporters love using podcast embeds in their articles.

Getting your own embed is simple: search for your show or just paste the link to your podcast’s RSS feed or iTunes link.

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You can start using this embed right now on thousands of websites. (Seriously. Right now. Someone could be pressing play on your podcast right now.) All you need is a free RadioPublic account.

Get the embed code for your player

All RadioPublic plans come with a podcast web player and customizable landing pages

Fit your podcast seamlessly into your website design. Use your embed player in articles all over the web—like when you write a blog post, another podcaster cross-promotes your show, or someone writes about your podcast.

A suite of powerful podcast marketing tools

Start with an embed, end up with a listener

The first and all-important step has been accomplished: someone’s pressed play on your podcast! And now, it’s time to keep those listeners around, with seamless transitions to listen on the go, subscribe to the show, and ongoing engagement opportunities.

A link for all occasions (and devices)

RadioPublic gives you one magical link that works anywhere in the world and with all platforms. And all your downloads show up in your podcast listening stats.

Mobile optimized landing pages

Your mobile-friendly landing pages for your show and all your episodes work wherever and whenever someone wants to listen.

Powerful conversion tools

Deepen your listener relationships with calls to action to subscribe to your newsletter, complete a survey, or buy merch.

Tools that work everywhere

Compatible with all listening platforms

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, you pick the podcast app, and RadioPublic marketing tools work with every single one of them.

No tech team or web guy needed!

There are no complicated steps or approvals from managers and your IT department when it comes to marketing your podcast.

Works with all hosting companies

We like it when things work together. RadioPublic is designed to work with existing podcasting tools, not instead of. You keep your current podcast hosting provider—Libsyn, Simplecast, Podbean, Soundcloud, Anchor… you name it, and we work with it.

Designed to fit the needs of indies and larger teams

Yeah, it’s that section of “look who we work with!” logos

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Smarter listener acquisition funnels

RadioPublic provides a necessary layer between your podcast and listeners: making smarter, faster, and easier connections between the audio you’re publishing and the audiences you’re reaching.

An auto-updating productivity booster

Our embeds, podcast landing pages, and Podsites are efficient: they update whenever a new episode is published. No need to login and duplicate your work: publish once, and it’s everywhere.

Watch your listens soar with better links

RadioPublic makes it easy to market your latest episode to your fans, helping them quickly stream on the platforms where they love to listen—selected by you.

Control your player experience

Play your podcasts without losing your visitors to distracting advertisements or suggested content—your embedded episodes are you, all you.

Actionable calls to action

Turn those listeners into subscribers—to your podcast and to your email newsletter, all from one action-packed embed player and podcast website.

Measurement with analytics

Track valuable listening stats and measure what matters most with a Google Analytics plugin to better understand your audience.

“Within days of switching my Google Search campaign to point to my RadioPublic Podsite [for Civilized], my qual[ity] scores jumped by 3 to 4 digits. For those who do search advertising, this is a big deal. It means more clicks at a lower cost.”

Sean Howard

Sean Howard

Fable and Folly Productions

Vrrooommm! Speed matters for your podcast

We’ll get right to the point: the speed with which your podcast loads affects your discoverability. You don’t want new listeners to bounce from your page, or for Google to dock your podcast landing pages for slowness. No cheetah-ing: with RadioPublic, you have fast loading times and higher audience retention, and that means more time listeners spend with your podcast.

Search engine optimization

Look great in Google search results with JSON-LD annotation to structure your podcast’s data.

Social optimized landing pages

With Open Graph meta tags, you can control what images shows up when someone (like you!) links to your podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Intelligent caching and instant episode updates

We use worldwide and local caching servers to ensure lightning fast delivery of your marketing assets. Our intelligent caching systems detect when a new episode of your show is available so you don’t have to.

Support for progressive downloads

Faster than someone can say, “Are there more episodes of this podcast?” When listeners tap play on RadioPublic, the audio will start even before the download is complete.

Reliable hosting

Web tools you can rely on: RadioPublic is built using Amazon AWS, the same technology that powers Netflix, Sony, HBO, and Spotify.

Podcast sharing made simple

We make it easy to (realistically) share your podcast everywhere.

Adding podcasts to your website is super simple with RadioPublic’s lightweight embed codes. We keep the code snippets small, so they’re easy to embed and load ridiculously fast.

Embed everywhere you already post

You want your episode to be where millions of people are, so we worked with WordPress, Medium, and Reddit to ensure your RadioPublic embed works effortlessly on these platforms.

Built-in social sharing

RadioPublic helps fans find and engage with your podcast’s brand across all your digital presences include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and more.

Hearmarks™ & timestamp links

Send someone to exactly the right moment to start listening with podcast bookmarks.

“In the lead up to the launch of Michael Lewis's Against the Rules, RadioPublic anticipated our needs as a premium publisher, adapting their technology to help us create a highly functional site for the show with incredible speed and agility. The support was above and beyond all my expectations.”

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Heather Fain

CMO, Pushkin Industries

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