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What is Paid Listens?

It’s simple. You make ad-free episodes available in your feed, we sell ads on our platform that bookend each episode, and we pay you a guaranteed amount for every listen you get through the RadioPublic apps for iOS and Android. Link to full FAQ.

Why is RadioPublic doing this?
My podcast has occasional ads or thank you messages to supporters or funders. How does that work with Paid Listens?
Can I keep my podcast on other listening platforms?
How will RadioPublic make money? Are you selling ads?
How did you come up with the Paid Listens Rate?
Could the Paid Listens Rate ever go up/down?
What is the Loyal Listener bonus?
How do my listeners know they are hearing a RadioPublic advertising spot? Will they think it is a part of my show?
Do I have to exclusively promote RadioPublic as part of Paid Listens?
Other common questions

How much can I make?

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Earnings through RadioPublic Paid Listens
$840 / year

We are RadioPublic

RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation, founded in partnership with PRX, with the mission to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of podcasts.

We share public media’s educational, artistic, and journalistic mission, and the democratic values of open access to information.

We are committed to operating a platform that fairly values creators’ work, respects users’ privacy and information rights, and benefits all participants.

We are also a group of podcast fans, a dozen and growing, based in Boston and around the U.S., with a founding team that built its first podcast app in 2005 and hasn't hit pause since!

Learn more about RadioPublic.

It’s time to jump-start your RadioPublic Paid Listen earnings

Our checklist of tips, tricks, and free tools to set up your podcast for listener growth and financial support.

  1. This show link works for everyone, anywhere.
  2. Listen on RadioPublic: there’s a badge for that.
  3. Play your podcast on any website.
  4. New episode out? Get it to your listeners, stat.
  5. RadioPublic pays podcasters?! Here’s how to spread the word.

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