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RadioPublic helps you grow your audience and make money

RadioPublic is the healthy, scalable, and financially sustainable podcast listening platform podcasters have been waiting for. We help listeners discover, engage with, and financially reward podcast makers—you. Verify your show on RadioPublic to start connecting with your audience today.

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Roman Mars
— Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible

What I love about RadioPublic is that they understand, in their bones, that the best things for listeners is the best thing for creators.

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Search directory

Inclusion in the search directory means any listener on the web, iOS, and Android can find and hear your show.

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Your podcast website, perfected

It takes hours to create and maintain an amazing looking podcast website with Squarespace and Wix. Spend less time on your website and more time on your show with a custom podcast website.

  • Works with any podcast hosting provider like Soundcloud, Anchor, or Libsyn
  • A website builder just for podcasters, designed with custom features like automatically updating with new episodes and organizing seasons
  • Our primary focus is helping grow your audience and listeners keep on hearing your show
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RadioPublic embed player
RadioPublic embed player

Free web player for your website

RadioPublic’s free embed player works for any podcast, regardless of podcast host.

  • Accessible: Works on any sized screen, anywhere on the web, anywhere in the world
  • Beautiful and practical: a RadioPublic embed player seamlessly turns a casual visitor into a listener of your show on their phone, where they return to your show again and again
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Podcast feed validator

Validate your podcast

Why validate? Validating your podcast feed serves two purposes, one for you and one for your listeners.

  • It assures that your podcast is ready to be heard by listeners everywhere, including on RadioPublic.
  • Validating your feed with RadioPublic means you’re one step closer to engaging with your listeners and earning money with your podcast.
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Revenue opportunities

Once verified on RadioPublic, you can start to earn money with your podcast.


Earn money when your episodes are heard on RadioPublic with the Paid Listens program.

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Identify customer leads via Affinity Messaging to target offers for merchandise, tickets, etc.


Receive direct financial support from your listeners.

Coming soon

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Publisher created membership packages


Enhanced ads via our supply-side platform

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Analytics reports

Downloads from RadioPublic can be found in your podcast hosting provider's metrics. Enhanced metrics are provided to podcasters participating in Paid Listens.

  • RadioPublic counts when your episode was actually heard, not just downloaded
  • A running total of your Loyal Listeners, the people who have heard three or more episodes of your show
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Editorial features

Our Podcast Librarians hand-curate podcasts throughout RadioPublic, including our Explore section of the app, and we learn about them from podcasters like you. Once your show is available on RadioPublic, your podcast is:

  • Considered for inclusion in collections, stations, and playlists
  • Positioned for an opportunity to feature in our New shows, New seasons, or Indies to watch sections

We are RadioPublic

RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation, founded in partnership with PRX, with the mission to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of podcasts.

We share public media’s educational, artistic, and journalistic mission, and the democratic values of open access to information.

We are committed to operating a platform that fairly values creators’ work, respects users’ privacy and information rights, and benefits all participants.

We are also a group of podcast fans, a dozen and growing, based in Boston and around the U.S., with a founding team that built its first podcast app in 2005 and hasn't hit pause since!

Learn more about RadioPublic.

It’s time to jump-start your podcast on RadioPublic

Our checklist of tips, tricks, and free tools to set up your podcast for listener growth and financial support.

  1. This show link works for everyone, anywhere.
  2. Listen on RadioPublic: there’s a badge for that.
  3. Play your podcast on any website.
  4. New episode out? Get it to your listeners, stat.
  5. RadioPublic pays podcasters?! Here’s how to spread the word.

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